Dog meat

I needed to write a blog about this even tho it kills me to do so. I’m writing this post as i need to let as many people know as possible. On the 21st June for 10 days every year in Yulin they have a dog eating festival! Thousands of dogs and cats get brutally killed just so these vile sickos can eat dog meat! The way the dogs get killed is something else! The poor dogs get blowtorched, legs chopped off, skinned and this is all while the dogs are still alive?!! Apparently these sickos think the dog meat will taste better if the animals suffer and struggle? How sick!!

Most of the dogs have been stolen and were once happy and content in there home with there owners but these vile people think it’s ok to steal dogs and cats to then horrifically kill them. I can’t get the images out of my head, they will be with me forever. All you have to do is google ‘Yulin dog festival’ and you will see what i mean, why hasn’t this been stopped you will probably be saying? Well that’s what i want to know. Over 11 million people have signed petitions so why is it still going on?!

This is the 9th year that Yulin dog festival has happened, it also is happening in Asia, Indonesia, Vietnam and South Korea. This has been going on 9 years which has seen over 10 million dogs being horrifically killed. Shown below is a list of all the places that have a dog meat festival.

Please let’s stop this disgusting festival and go to the link to help stop. The poor dogs deserve so much happiness and not suffering.


Flint plus Flint

I was lucky enough to review these products and I’m so pleased that i did as the products really do what they say. I got sent the moisturiser 3x, the glycolic cleanser and the eye hero.

The cleanser really cleans the skin and it really feels refreshing. It is get for getting rid of blemishes and if you have any stubborn spots you can even dab the cleanser on them overnight and they are a great way of clearing them up quickly. I found the moisturiser perfect for my skin as it targets dry skin and especially in this weather your skin needs that extra boost. You can even use the moisturiser as a hand cream! My skin feels so much better.

The eye cream is great and it doesn’t feel sticky as some eye creams leave a sticky residue after. It targets fine lines and wrinkles on the eyes, you can also use it on your lips and nails! How great is that?! I really love flint plus flint as the products really help your skin and the prices are reasonable. The moisturiser 3x 50ml is £42, the glycolic cleanser 100ml is £32 and the eye hero 15ml is £37. You don’t need a lot of the products when using them as a little goes a long way. They have a different range of products for all types of skincare and the staff are so helpful if you want any advice. Take a look at there website and there social media.

t plus drinks

I was kindly sent some detox teas to try and can honestly say that after a stressful few weeks the detox teas have really helped me! I had a choice either the gym bunny bundle or the winter defence, I chose the gym bunny which was a detox and boost tea. (Which was definitely needed!!) they taste lovely and refreshing and i definitely felt a difference.

I tried them for 2 weeks and the flavour was green tea and fruit which were so lovely. All the t plus drinks are packed full of vitamins, powerful herbs, antioxidants and full of flavour. They have 50% RDA in 9 daily essential vitamins. They have a selection of teas which include multivitamin, energy blended, cleansing detox and a immune booster tea.

The teas that i had are perfect for detoxing as they are packed full of vitamins and they are lovely to have especially when the weather is cold. I can honestly say that i have tried a lot of green teas and most of them left a funny aftertaste but not these ones, all i could taste was a lovely fruit flavour 😍 I always have a cup in the morning when i wake up and then in the evening before bed. I’m definitely going to be trying the other ones and i have already been spreading the good word about them!

If you want something healthy and full of vitamins to drink then definitely try these as you won’t regret it! They are great value as well! £3:69 for 15 teabags and the bundles are £13:50 and you get four boxes (60 teabags) take a look at there website and Instagram page 😍

Dr wu skincare

Hey guys hope you all are well, it’s the first blog post of 2018! There will definitely be lots more blogs this year can’t wait to share them 😍

The cold winter days/nights have really made my skin so dry and dull. My lips get chapped and spilt and even my hair suffers. I really hate being so cold and literally wrap myself up in layers and have the heating on a lot. My skin feels awful and no glow to it!

I sent an email to Dr wu skincare and the lady was so lovely and kind that she sent me some products to try, I was so grateful and she’s really such a wonderful lady. I got sent

•Extra hydrating lotion with hyaluronic acid £32

•Intensive hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid £58

•Intensive hydrating toner with hyaluronic acid £26

•Advanced anti wrinkle eye cream £54

•Soothing moisture capsule masks with vitamin b (pack of 3) £10.40

I also got sent some samples including an acid peel. The products feel amazing on your skin, now I’m 33 i start to think more about my skincare routine and these products are definitely going to be staying. My skin feels more firm and hydrated especially when i use the soothing mask. I haven’t used the acid peel yet as I’m a bit scared! But I’ll give it a go soon. The prices of the skincare range is very reasonable as the bottles do last. They have a range of different products on the website.

Dr wu skincare is also cruelty free which is great as everything has been tested without harming any animals! You should really check there website out as there are articles about the range that have been featured in the media. My skin was very dry and dull before but now I’m so happy my skin feels hydrated and I’m keeping the wrinkles at bay. 🙌🏻


Hey everyone, this is another different blog than i usually write. Trolls/bullying happens a lot and we live in a world full of hate and jealousy. I got bullied at school from primary to high school as i was born with a rare deformity on my mouth. I have had a lot of operations and the docters said they have never seen anything like it before so i guess I’m kind of unique which i don’t mind! A lot of people say you can’t tell now but i can. It doesn’t upset me anymore but they would like to do another operation but it’s a big one so i don’t know!

I see a lot of people getting trolled online and it’s a big issue. I know it’s a part of growing up getting ready for the big wide world but is it right for children to dread going into school or getting bullied so much that they get beat up or even worse they take there own life! No it’s not ok and bullying doesn’t just happen when you are children it happens as adults in workplaces and wherever you look someone is getting bullied. Online trolling is a big thing and it’s got worse through the years. When i was growing up we didn’t have social media (yes I’m sounding old at 33 🙈) but it was less pressure for us then as we didn’t have to look good for ‘social media’ pictures or worry if someone is going to share a bad picture of you online or we use photoshop and filters to get that perfect Instagram picture. Yes i admit i use filters as it feels right as everyone does it right??

What isn’t ok is when people that think it’s ok to comment on people’s pictures and say cruel things! If you are a troll do you actually sit down and think how that person will actually feel when they read the comments? How would you like it if they said it to you or a family member? That person might have spent hours getting that ‘perfect picture for social media’ and then get so much hate? I see it happen to celebrities a lot and it doesn’t stop just at the celebrity, they think it’s ok to troll that persons children/family! Again think if it was your child or family getting trolled you wouldn’t like it!

Something needs to be done with bullying and i think it should start in schools and even workplaces where someone goes and talks about it from online trolling to face to face bullying, we will never stop it but at least we could try to educate children/adults on how it can affect people. More love needs to be in this world not hate. You could make someone’s day great by just saying one nice thing to them, don’t put them down by saying something hurtful. Always think how would you like it done to you or as my mum told me if you haven’t got anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

If you are getting bullied please talk to someone, or even you can email me or dm me on Instagram.

Lots of love

Danni xx


Hey everyone, I’m writing about something different as a lot of people are suffering in silence. Anxiety is a serious illness that not a lot of people understand or they don’t want to say they have it. You shouldn’t feel ashamed if you have anxiety as it happens to so many people. I get it and it’s a horrible feeling, that feeling of panic and tightness in the chest, feeling like the walls closing in and heart beating fast. It feels like it will never pass and there is no way out, when i get anxiety i try to fight it but that makes it worse so i close my eyes and think of a happy place and do some breathing exercises. I keep telling myself that I’m ok and in my head I’m in my happy place. It doesn’t last long if i do these techniques but if i fight it i panic more and it gets worse!

Anxiety is classed as an invisible illness same as depression but that doesn’t mean it isn’t serious. It’s horrible when people say just snap out of it or there is nothing wrong with you! There is nothing wrong with having anxiety or depression, if you do suffer from it then please don’t feel like you should stay silent, it’s better to talk about it. Some people feel ashamed i know i did and it made things worse, I feel a lot better know as i spoke to my doctor and family and my family understands it a lot more.

Things that I’m scared of like heights and crowded places will set my anxiety off but i will go to a crowded place and try and fight the demons even if it’s for 10 minutes i still feel good as i achieved it. If my anxiety starts i tell myself I’m ok and i slowly take myself away from the crowded place or whatever I’m doing. I’m in control and that’s the answer is you have to control your anxiety and not let it control you. Please talk to someone if you are suffering or you can send me an message and I’ll help you.


I was kindly sent some drinks and I’m so glad that i got to try them as they were delicious! I got sent three bottles and each one had different flavours which were ginger turmeric and collagen. Matcha moringa and ginseng. Chamomile lavender and spirulina. My favourite has to be the ginger one as it definitely gave a firey kick in the morning!

The drinks are best diluted with water but you can drink them straight as a shot but also can be drank with other drinks including cocktails! The best thing is that they are not packed with sugar, they only have either a drop of honey or stevia and no additives, preservatives gmo’s or colours and are gluten, dairy lactose and nut free and last but not least there are vegetarian and vegan options. On the website there are two new drinks coming soon which I’m so excited as these were lovely and refreshing.

The drinks can be drank anytime of the day but on the website it gives suggestions when it’s best for all the drinks like the chamomile one is best in the evening when your relaxing and the matcha and also the ginger are best first thing in the morning. You also drink them either 20/30 minutes before or after eating. The drinks are so good for you and I’m so pleased that someone has made something that really is healthy for you and you know exactly what is in them. Go check there website and social media out and get some healthy shots in!